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Our team of advocacy mavens helps you discover, nurture, and engage brand advocates. We leverage proven inbound practices to educate your customers and make them enthusiastic about your advocacy program.  Plus we provide everything you need to create captivating advocacy case studies, videos, infographics and other content in more than 30 languages.  

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Identify your brand advocates. Set strategic goals. Define program KPIs.
Enlist our mavens in program setup, program management, and advocate recruitment.
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Create premium content to educate your audience and showcase your advocates.

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Build Your Strategy

Purple LineBefore launching or scaling your advocacy program it pays to set goals and determine the broad approach by which your program will achieve them. Successful strategies capitalize on program strengths and opportunities while reducing the influence of program weaknesses or threats. Build your strategy with clearly defined program objectives, and an actionable plan that aligns your program goals to other business goals.  

We typically run a 2-day in-person workshop with you to build the foundation of your advocacy program. A few pre-meeting questionnaires and phone conversations will give us the background of your particular situation. After the workshop we deliver the playbook—your mission-vision-goals-plan document. You can then decide to execute that plan together with our team, with internal resources, or even with other agencies.

We focus on the following during the strategy workshop: 

Defining Your Ideal Advocate

Selling your advocate program to a customer is not that different from selling your product to a lead. And defining the advocate persona can help you tailor your content and messaging for recruitment.

Managing Stakeholder Goals

Stakeholder management is critical for gathering support from colleagues who have the power to influence your program. Knowing their goals can help you craft content to educate and obtain stakeholder buy-in.

Mapping Advocate Journey

Organizations that map customer journeys see increased cross-sell and up-sell revenue. Mapping the journey of your advocates from trigger to success can also increase your program impact on the overall sales cycle.

Setting Program Goals and KPIs

Key performance indicators that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound can help keep your program on track. Quantifiable results help with budget approvals and ensure stakeholder enthusiasm.

Finding the Right Tools

Customer advocates fuel every function of your business, from accelerating sales to improving product design. The right recruitment and management tools can inspire your customers to join faster and stay longer.

Creating an Action Plan 

The final action plan of your program will factor in everything discussed above—from ideal advocates to stakeholders, goals, and tools. You will also estimate budgets and assign tasks to team members, colleagues, and partners.

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We would like to conduct an online audit of your program and content before we even discuss strategy.

Just to make sure we understand your business perfectly well and are on the same page. 

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 Execute with Ongoing Monthly Services

Working with our advocacy mavens to execute your action plan allows you to instantly tap into the resources of an experienced and skilled team without having to build one yourself. We leverage inbound practices to help you discover customer advocates, help them understand the personal and the business benefits they can derive from participating in your program, and nurture them to become your extended sales force.

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Web Services

  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page Content
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Calls-to-Action

Social and Paid Media

  • Page Content and Design
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Social Media Ad Management
  • Individual Profile Management
  • Re-marketing

Email Marketing

  • Newsletter Template Build
  • Newsletter Automation
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Email Workflow Creation
  • Lead Nurturing Campaign
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Program Content

  • eBooks Creation and Design
  • Blog Writing, Posting, Promoting
  • Program Case Studies
  • Program Slides and Brochures
  • Infographics and Animations

Reference Recruitment

  • Identify Qualified Advocates
  • Phone Interviews in 30+ Languages
  • Agree Program Participation
  • Sign Permission Forms
  • Maintain Advocates Database


Tools and Systems

  • HubSpot Setup / Management
  • Inbound Recruitment Plan
  • Influitive Hub Management
  • Tracking Program KPIs
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting


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Request a Customized Offer
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Complement with One-Off Content and Services

Our content strategists, designers, copywriters, and media producers can make your advocates shine in captivating content we can produce in more than 30 languages. We strive to optimize your budget by creating master content and then re-purposing it as needed.


Customer Quote

A short endorsing statement about your product or service—typically in text format, extracted from the customer interview.

Info Quote

A short video made of 3 to 5 slides containing deployment background, key metrics, customer quote—great for social media.


A visual representation of advocate data, program information, or customer success in an easily understandable format using graphics.

Case Study

The story of your customers' successes and innovation, their experience of working with you, and results achieved.

Press Release

Written communication for the news media to announce a new event, product, collaboration, or customer endorsement.


Email content to keep your customers updated on stories and products they care about.

Social Media Card

A channel-formatted graphic, co-branded, with one sentence of text, typically used to promote a new story or video.

Story Slide

Summarizes the customer case study in one slide that sales reps can easily incorporate into their pitch decks.

Slide Portfolio

A collection of slides arranged by industry, region, or product which can be easily used by your sales reps.

Video Studio Interview

Customer interview in a studio, whether at your premises or in an ad-hoc studio established next to your event venue.

Customer Site Interview

A half day video-shoot at the customer HQ. Involves interviews with multiple team members and b-roll production.

Industry Event Video

Filming of the conference, person-on-the street interviews, b-roll for future events, event review, and even promo videos.

Video Montage

A collection of 3 to 5 studio interviews covering the same product or theme, with different customer endorsements.

Video Documentary

A longer video piece, following the customer story over the course of a project with speakers and b-roll for every stage.


Animated presentation of a concept, product, or solution. Can be whiteboard drawing, doodle, or brand-designed.

eBook / Brochure

Attention-grabbing digital resource that aims to teach the reader or provide a “how to” guide on a subject.


A collection of case studies arranged by product, region, or vertical—published as an eBook.


Decision-aiding digital resource that contains market research and benchmark information, used later in the buying cycle.

Guest Blog

Blog post about the topic of your choice, including research and search engine optimization.

Pillar Page

A pillar page broadly covers a topic and is supported by related content which includes the in-depth SEO keywords referring to that topic.

Copyediting and Localization

Editing of your existing content and/or localization into 30+ languages to support your global reach and inclusion of foreign advocates.

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No worries. We will discuss your content strategy together in the initial workshop.
You already have a program and just need to create content? We're happy to help!

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